Introduction from our President

BRS prides ourselves on our long history and strives to be a significant and essential partner in the Maritime sector. We have and will always nurture our stated principles to serve our clients with the utmost integrity.

BRS has evolved from a regional player in the south of France since 1856,to a national actor from Paris,into a truly global broker and in doing so has had to adapt and evolve to accommodate our growing client base.

While recognizing cultural differences and business customs,BRS has decided to emphasize and elaborate a code of ethics and compliance to clearlystate what BRS stands for as an employer and as a business partner.

We have had all our employees throughout the group read and acknowledge our corporate policy.It is available to all our clients on request.

BRS strives to remain an enviable place to work and we will promote a safe,fair,fulfilling and non-discriminatory environment.

We are convinced that our industry,our clients,and our staff will recognize BRS as a desirable partner and we will remain a ‘distinctive’ broker in our industry.

François Cadiou