Shipping decarbonisation

Annual CO2 emissions of the maritime sector account for about 940 million tonnes, roughly 2.5% of the total human made CO2 emissions. In Europe, ships are responsible for about 11% of the total CO2 emissions coming from the transport sector. Considering the sector growth and reduction targets in place in other industries, the EU Parliament estimated that shipping could be responsible for 17% of global CO2 emissions if left unregulated.

Shipping and carbon emissions reduction

To tackle climate change, we support our clients in their decarbonization journey and provide high standard environmental solutions.

Climate Solutions

Carbon Offsets and Renewable Energy Certificates

Carbon Project Development

Carbon Footprint Calculator

Compliance Carbon Market

European Emission Trading Scheme (EU-ETS)

United Kingdom Emission Trading System (UK ETS)

Climate Solutions

Voluntary action on climate change can consolidate your business, help you to gain new customers, reduce your carbon risk exposure and strengthen your brand image.

We support our clients in improving their sustainability performance by offering an international portfolio of climate consulting solutions.

Compliance Carbon Market

An emission trading system for CO2 and other greenhouse gases has been introduced in China, South Korea, New Zealand, in the EU and other countries as a key tool to track emissions and incentivise businesses to decarbonise.

We advise our clients about the risks of these regulations, and we provide hedging strategies to mitigate carbon exposure.

The journey towards carbon neutrality

To become carbon neutral, Carbon Offsets are the only international recognized way to cut the emissions that cannot be reduced further with efficiency improvements.

Energy efficiency improvements on ships that aim at reducing the fuel consumption may be eligible to receive financial incentives in the form of carbon credits called carbon offsets. Applying a Gold Standard approved methodology, we support shipowners to develop carbon reduction projects to maximise their investments.

Services we provide

Feasibility study and project development.

Validation reports, monitoring and verification.

Carbon offset management.

Annual review

BRS Shipbrokers has been publishing for more than forty years a wide range analysis on the shipbuilding and shipping markets

Through its international network and internal databases, BRS Shipbrokers has developed a deep knowledge of the maritime world. BRS Group Annual Review provides a comprehensive set of information covering the main activities of the shipping sector, which is highly appreciated by professionals and readers interested in shipping matters.

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