Market information is made available on a regular basis to the LNG community including LNG flows, status of fleets, indications of Unit Freight Costs and ongoing projects information

Gathering, Synthesising, Advising

Tailor made solutions can be provided for any type of LNG shipping enquiries thanks to our well-rounded experience. Simulations can be performed using in-house tools to estimate the optimum fleet size for minimizing Unit Freight Costs. LNG carriers’ main characteristics, in particular Fuel Gas and Fuel Oil consumptions, are evaluated according to each propulsion system and containment system.

We lead major projects from detailing the specifications of LNG carriers to organising tender processes leading to finalisation of Shipbuilding Contracts and Time Charter Parties.

What we do

Market Analysis

Monitoring the LNG Newbuilding market (technical innovations, slots)

Informing LNG players on the evolution of the market and freight rate trends

Following LNG carriers availability and developing LNG Shipping economic models

Monthly market reports

LNG projects

Multiple LNG Carriers contracted

Coordination of tender processes from the Expression of Interest until signature of contractual documentation

Extensive contractual experience with Oil & Gas Majors and large European utilities

Thorough knowledge of Asian yards specialised in LNG Shipbuilding

LNG bunkering

Provide market analysis

Gather LNG bunkering demand

Coordinate stakeholders to foster the development of LNG bunkering hubs

Coordinate Tender processes for LNG bunkering

Organize the LNG bunkering vessel tender process from the Expression of Interest to the signature of the contractual documentation with the Shipyard

LNG Shipping Consultant

On behalf of a major European Utility, we organised the Shipyard tendering process with a General Technical specification for the most recent generation of LNG Carrier including ‘state-of-the-art’ technology.  Commercial terms were negotiated with the selected Shipyard leading to a pre-defined contractual price. On this basis, the Shipowners’ tender was organised with a pre-negotiated contractual price allowing an equal comparison between Shipowners with an identical LNG Carrier. After commercial discussions with the selected Shipowner, the Shipbuilding Contract and the Time Charter Party were signed on the same day with one Option exercised since the signature of the first vessel. Transparency of process has been much appreciated by the major European Utility’s management.

Annual review

BRS Shipbrokers has been publishing for more than forty years a wide range analysis on the shipbuilding and shipping markets

Through its international network and internal databases, BRS Shipbrokers has developed a deep knowledge of the maritime world. BRS Group Annual Review provides a comprehensive set of information covering the main activities of the shipping sector, which is highly appreciated by professionals and readers interested in shipping matters.

Other services

Covering major shipping centers in Europe,
Asia, the Indian sub-continent, the Middle East, Americas and Africa.