Specialized Tankers

BRS Specialized Tanker Chartering provides shipbroking services for Oil and Edible Products and Chemicals being traded on coastal and deep-sea routes worldwide.

Experts in parcel cargoes

We specialise in very different liquid bulk cargoes including pure chemicals, clean and dirty petroleum products, lubricating oils, bitumen, acids, vegoils, molasses and wine, being traded on coastal and deep-sea routes worldwide.

An experienced team, we offer shipbroking services for the unique chartering needs of specialized liquid cargoes in parcels from 300 tons up to 30,000 tons. We are experts in trades involving port and berth restrictions where small tankers are required.

What we do

Market analysis

Finding the right ship for the right cargo: cargo tank coating, stainless steel, specific gravity, temperature, tank cleaning, inerting nitrogen padding, change of grade expertise, stern loading, STS

Analyzing the impact of new regulations and shipping news

Tailored market studies: Flows, Products and Fleet analysis


Informing Chemical & Oil Majors and Ship Owners about the evolution of the market and freight rate trends

Chartering negotiation: Indications, Offers, Terms and Freight rate discussion

Issuance of Charter Parties and addenda

Operation & Post fixing

Close post-fixing follow up in cooperation with the execution broker

Demurrage estimations and Claims handling

Compliance team checking every fixture

Tailor-made services for unique needs

What is a special project when each one of your cargoes is unique?

As a team we are dedicated to bringing tailormade solutions to our clients. Whether they are Oil & Chemical Majors, industrials, traders or first-time charterers we do our outmost to bring them competitive solutions, assist them in their negotiations, operations, and postfixing and help them navigate the ocean of niche markets that “chemical” represents.

The variety and complexity of the cargoes we deal with makes every voyage one of a kind and requires a full team effort to bring it to fruition.

Annual review

BRS Shipbrokers has been publishing for more than forty years a wide range analysis on the shipbuilding and shipping markets

Through its international network and internal databases, BRS Shipbrokers has developed a deep knowledge of the maritime world. BRS Group Annual Review provides a comprehensive set of information covering the main activities of the shipping sector, which is highly appreciated by professionals and readers interested in shipping matters.

Other services

Covering major shipping centers in Europe,
Asia, the Indian sub-continent, the Middle East, Americas and Africa.