With more than 90% of global trade carried by sea, shipping and maritime trade is at the centre of today’s economy.

BRS Group is one of the largest full-service ship and yacht broking firms in the world, with more than 150 years of maritime experience.

Our coverage of the maritime market is one of the most comprehensive in the market, and includes Newbuilding, Sale and Purchase, and Chartering activities in all the major shipping segments: Tanker, Dry Bulk, Chemical, LNG, LPG, Offshore, Liner and Yachting.

Our clients represent the majority of tonnage transported by sea, providing a ‘crow’s nest’ view of the maritime industry. By being involved in all sectors of the industry, and as a major intermediary, we are able to bring a perspective that our clients may not have. This in turn enables them to stay aware of, and participate in, “best practices” - not only in their specialized sectors but in the industry as a whole.

The interwoven relationship between shipbroking and information technology has led to BRS Group being an integral part of many industrial clients’ shipping teams. Making strategic choices on contract clauses, mechanisms and duration has proved to many clients that having advisors on their team from the outset can prepare for the unforeseen.

Our asset teams are closely monitoring each market segment to ensure specific trends and trades are in clear view of clients when making investment decisions.