The BRS Group is a diversified and dynamic global shipping services group offering a range of maritime activities to complement its core broking business. As well as Shipbroking and Yacht Brokerage, the Group’s activities include Freight Derivatives, Software Technology, Market Intelligence and Maritime Consulting. The Group also holds financial investments in Data Management and Chartering Software provider, AXSMarine.


With more than 90% of global trade carried by sea, shipping and maritime trade is at the center of today’s economy. BRS Group is one of the largest full-service ship and yacht broking firms in the world, with more than 150 years of maritime experience. Our coverage of the maritime market is one of the most comprehensive in the market, and includes Newbuilding, Sale and Purchase, and Chartering activities in all the major shipping segments: Tanker, Dry Bulk, Chemical, LNG, LPG, Offshore, Liner and Yachting. Service is provided to clients through 17 broking offices in Paris, Geneva, Shanghai, Beijing, London, Athens, Hamburg, Dubai, Singapore, Jakarta, Madrid, Mumbai, Oslo, Rio de Janeiro, Stamford, Houston and Monaco. BRS Group takes pride in offering high levels of service, taking an innovative and proactive approach to the long term strategic planning required by our clients. Over many years, the firm has developed an excellent reputation for its strong ties to industrial shipping, and retains close relations with many of the leading industrial producers, traders and shippers worldwide. BRS Group places market intelligence and technology at the center of its activities to best identify market developments and opportunities for our clients.


With its interest in Yachting Partners International, the Group is able to take advantage of the growing crossover between commercial maritime activities and the yachting market. As regulation and business practices in the two industries converge, the BRS Group is able to bring its extensive experience in shipping and shipbuilding to the yacht market while enhancing its activities in the passenger ferry market.


By investing in the leading third-party maritime data system provider, AXSMarine, the BRS Group stays abreast of and continues to invest in research and development of IT systems. Market intelligence division, Alphashipping, invests in objective, top-of-class editors with real industry experience to collect and interpret an oversupply of data and information. With new tools to sort and display information, Alphashipping concentrates on value-added data and has become known for its accurate and forward-looking analysis.